Is Flexeril Addictive?

March 30, 2023 By Debra Jordan, LCSW In Prescription Drugs
Is Flexeril Addictive
Flexeril is a prescribed muscle relaxer used to help sleep, energy levels, and motor skills. Because Flexeril is a prescribed drug, many will ask, “is Flexeril addictive?” According to the Drug Enforcement Agency, Flexeril is not a controlled substance, but can only be obtained with a pr...

Is Alcohol Addiction Genetic?

March 24, 2023 By Debra Jordan, LCSW In Alcohol addiction, Recovery
Is alcohol addiction genetic?
Alcoholism impacts the lives of millions of people and their loved ones. It can leave them asking “Is alcohol addiction genetic?” and wondering what can be done about it. Genetics definitely can contribute to a person developing a substance use disorder such as alcoholism. However, many other fa...

Why Is Alcohol So Addictive?

March 03, 2023 By Debra Jordan, LCSW In Alcohol addiction
man struggling with alcohol, debating on entering alcohol rehab in Tampa
People typically begin drinking because they enjoy the taste of alcoholic beverages and the relaxation effect they can cause. When a person crosses the line to developing an alcohol use disorder, they often wonder what happened. Why is alcohol addictive? The answer begins with a medical explanation,...

How Long Do Prescription Drugs Stay in Your System?

March 01, 2023 By Debra Jordan, LCSW In Prescription Drugs
how long do prescription drugs stay in your system
Prescription drugs can be real game-changers for people who need help with a wide variety of physical and psychological conditions. Sadly, some of them end up becoming part of an addiction that requires getting professional help. People sometimes wonder “How long do prescription drugs stay in your...

Trazodone vs Benzodiazepines

February 24, 2023 By Debra Jordan, LCSW In Prescription Drugs
trazodone vs benzodiazepines
When someone needs help improving their mental health, the topic of medications often comes up. It can be confusing knowing what drugs belong to what family and which ones may be right for you. A common question people ask is this: “Is Trazodone a benzodiazepine?” Tampa Bay Recovery Center emplo...