Can Narcan Be Used for Alcohol

February 10, 2023 By Debra Jordan, LCSW In Alcohol addiction
can narcan be used for alcohol
Advancements have been made in the past several years when it comes to helping people who struggle with substance use disorder. In fact, it can be difficult to keep up with what new products and techniques are available to help treat addiction. Some people ask the question “Can Narcan be used for ...

Effects of Lexapro and Alcohol

February 03, 2023 By Debra Jordan, LCSW In Alcohol addiction
lexapro and alcohol
Have you worried about experiencing a Lexapro overdose with alcohol or know someone who might be at risk? A medication like Lexapro can benefit someone’s mental health a great deal when taken as directed. However, when combined with alcohol use, it can cause dangerous side effects. The use of both...

Is Alcohol a Stimulant or Depressant?

January 20, 2023 By Debra Jordan, LCSW In Alcohol addiction
is alcohol a stimulant or depressant?
Is alcohol a stimulant or a depressant? While drinking excessively can provide both types of results, alcohol falls under the heading of only one of these types of substances. People drink for many different reasons. Some want to feel and express their emotions in a freeing manner. Others want to mi...

Does Alcohol Cause Memory Loss?

January 06, 2023 By Debra Jordan, LCSW In Alcohol addiction
does alcohol cause memory loss?
Does alcohol cause memory loss? Whether someone goes on a single drinking binge or has developed an addiction to alcohol, drinking can definitely cause memory loss. Memory loss can range from only being able to remember some details to a complete loss of memory during a bout of drinking. This can pr...

Signs and Symptoms of Alcohol Induced Psychosis

December 21, 2022 By Debra Jordan, LCSW In Alcohol addiction
Alcohol-induced psychosis when someone drinks to the point of losing touch with reality, and it’s a certain sign they need to get help. Alcohol abuse takes a heavy toll on the life of anyone who develops it. While everyone knows about side effects like hangovers, more serious ones can occur. Treat...