Dilaudid Withdrawal Symptoms + Timeline

October 14, 2022 By Debra Jordan, LCSW In drug addiction
Man going through dilaudid withdrawal symptoms
Someone taking a prescription for Dilaudid in order to treat their pain may find it a problem-free experience. Then, they begin to notice an over-reliance on the medication which crosses the line into an addiction. If they stop taking the drug, they likely notice they begin to feel Dilaudid withdraw...

Does FMLA Cover Rehab?

October 07, 2022 By Debra Jordan, LCSW In FMLA
Have you heard of the FMLA but aren’t sure how it works? The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) allows people to safely leave their jobs temporarily while they work on pressing health issues. These issues are not limited to medical crises such as cancer and chronic diseases. Does FMLA cover rehab...

Physical Signs of Alcoholism

September 30, 2022 By Debra Jordan, LCSW In Alcohol addiction
Alcoholism is a serious medical disease that causes a major disruption in a person’s life. For some, it can be hard to understand that they have crossed the line from merely drinking a lot to having an alcohol use disorder. It can also be difficult for family members and friends to recognize that ...

How to Go To Rehab and Keep Your Job

September 23, 2022 By Debra Jordan, LCSW In addiction
two people in the workforce looking at a laptop
Are you sick of dealing with addiction to alcohol or drugs but are wondering how to go to rehab and keep your job? You’re not alone. While some people need to move into a residential facility and take a leave of absence while they receive substance abuse treatment, not everyone does. Tampa Bay Rec...

Is Kratom Addictive?

September 16, 2022 By Debra Jordan, LCSW In Kratom
is kratom addictive
If you are asking yourself, “Is kratom addictive?”, you likely are already using it or know someone who is. Kratom isn’t well-known across the country yet, but it definitely has made its way into the lives of those who use it for the narcotic effect it provides. Like with any drug that a perso...

How To Deal With An Alcoholic Son

September 12, 2022 By Debra Jordan, LCSW In addiction
how to deal with an alcoholic son
Do you have a son who has become lost in the world of alcoholism? No parent wants to see their child suffer, and when addiction enters the picture, they worry constantly. Do you need to know how to deal with an alcoholic son? Tampa Bay Recovery Center knows how to help you identify if your […...