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Choosing the right rehab in Tampa is one of the most important steps in beginning the road to recovery. At Tampa Bay Recovery Center, we believe that lasting recovery from substance use and mental health disorders is possible. We pride ourselves on offering first-class addiction treatment to anyone who walks through our doors in a luxurious and comfortable setting.
Since we started our program, we’ve understood the need for evidence-based approaches and services. Addiction and mental is complex and everyone has their own story, trauma, and experiences related to behavioral health conditions. Our goal is not only to welcome every client into our facility as if they were part of our family, but guide clients into feeling confident about recovery but to help them maintain it for life.

Our Philosophy

We believe recovery from addiction and mental health disorders requires a collaborative effort between the individual,  the family, and our providers. We believe that recovery shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach. Our comprehensive team of addiction and mental health professionals works together drawing from modern evidence-based practices and techniques to help clients not just begin recovery, but to sustain it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe space for those seeking help for addiction and mental health disorders. Through evidence-based therapeutic modalities, our mission is for each individual to find sustainable healing and wholeness not just for the duration of our program – but for life.

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    What Makes Our Rehab in Tampa Different

    Most often, traditional methods of treatment involve going to a facility for 30 days. However, returning to school or work after 30 days with no support and accountability can pose a threat of relapse. Our rehab centers in Tampa Bay are committed to providing quality addiction and behavioral health treatment to each individual that calls us for help.

    We don’t just get you on the path to sobriety but work with you to develop skills and tools to say sober as you acclimate back into a real-world setting.

    Providing world-class treatment in a luxury setting helps us form collaborative and healing relationships with each client and their families. Addiction and behavioral health issues are complex. That’s why we create a mind-body-spirit approach, addressing every aspect of your current needs including underlying trauma, physical concerns, mental health concerns, and spiritual concerns. By developing individualized treatment plans with a variety of services, we create a perfect program to help our clients succeed.

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    Our team of experienced professionals has years of experience and expertise in treating substance use and mental health disorders.

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    Program Schedule

    Tampa Bay Recovery Center has developed a daily schedule for our alcohol and drug rehab programming to help our clients stay organized during treatment.

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    We recognize healing from addiction and mental health disorders requires several factors – including the setting in which the individual begins their recovery journey

    Our Values

    At Tampa Bay Recovery Center, we believe that addiction and mental health disorders don’t just affect the identified individual admitting to treatment. We believe it affects the entire family system. We’re committed to understanding and addressing not only the symptoms of addiction and mental health disorders of the individual but each member of the family. By providing respect, trust, and empathy to each individual, we’re rooted in the following core values:

    Rehab in Tampa Bay

    If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction or mental health disorders, look no further. Tampa Bay Recovery Center is committed to helping you or your loved one find the strength needed to heal. Our dedicated staff is here to guide you no matter what you may be struggling with. Our admissions coordinators are standing by ready to guide you to healing. One call can change your life. Call us today at 813-733-8774 or learn more about our admissions process.