Meth Addiction Treatment in Tampa Bay

Even if someone tries experimenting with methamphetamine use, they often quickly become addicted. This dangerous drug can ruin a person’s health and derail their ability to reach their goals in life. Quality, evidence-based meth addiction treatment in Tampa offers professional help for substance use disorders. Our team of experienced clinicians understands what meth abuse is like and how to help you become sober.

What is Methamphetamine?

Methamphetamine is a stimulant drug that comes in both a powdered and a crystallized form. Known as meth, crystal, speed, and crank, the use of this drug can quickly turn into an addiction. Users commonly smoke, inject, or snort it, which results in a rapid sense of being high. It also causes a person to feel a sudden sensation of energy that can last from just a couple of hours to several hours. 

Using meth causes the brain to experience pleasurable chemicals such as dopamine. Repeated usage of meth interferes with the brain’s ability to release these chemicals naturally. For this reason, a person may repeatedly use the drug in order to produce those feelings. Once addiction sets in, the person will need meth addiction treatment in order to get off this potentially deadly drug.

Our Approach to Meth Addiction Treatment

We believe that every person has value and potential, including the ability to stop abusing substances. We developed our meth addiction treatment program with this in mind. When someone receives compassionate, professional treatment from the right facility, they can accomplish their sobriety goals. We partner with you in order to help you discover the reasons why meth addiction became part of your life. From there, you learn how to develop healthy coping skills that turn your life around. We offer multiple types of therapy because those exposed to a wide array of choices do better than those without it.

Signs and Symptoms of Meth Addiction

When someone develops an addiction to meth, certain signs and symptoms will become apparent. These can include:

Signs and Symptoms of Meth Withdrawal

When someone attempts to stop abusing meth, they typically experience withdrawal symptoms. Because these symptoms can be difficult and even painful, the individual often returns to using meth in order to avoid them. Common signs and symptoms of meth withdrawal include:

One of the primary benefits of attending meth addiction treatment involves the ability of treatment providers to relieve withdrawal symptoms.

What To Expect During Meth Addiction Treatment in Tampa Bay

Upon arrival, we provide a full assessment so that we understand the details of your addiction. This allows us to formulate a plan for which therapies can best help you to become sober. We create a schedule for you that includes the times and days for your therapy sessions. 

Our outpatient programs allow you to receive valuable care during the day. Because we are not a residential program, you can get the vital help you need while still living at home or in a sober living house. We offer regular outpatient, intensive outpatient, and partial hospitalization programs. The assessment we provide will inform us which program provides the best fit for your treatment goals.

How Do I Know I Need Meth Treatment?

Sometimes a person suspects they may need meth addiction treatment in Tampa but aren’t sure about it. Some questions to ask themselves:

Answering yes to two or more questions means a person can likely benefit from getting professional help.

Ready to Escape Addiction? Let’s get started.

Tampa Bay Recovery Center is a premier leader in the provision of addiction treatment services. If you or someone you love is in need of professional care to address a substance use disorder, reach out to us right now at (813) 733-8774 to speak with an admissions specialist who can get you started on the road to recovery.

Services Provided at Tampa Bay Recovery Center

The more therapeutic options a person has when seeking help for an addiction, the more likely they are to complete a program and stay sober. For this reason, our meth addiction treatment in Tampa includes a wide array of types of therapy. These include individual therapy, family therapy, holistic therapy, and medication-assisted treatment. We also offer cutting-edge therapy technology not available at every treatment center. This includes red light therapy, brainspotting, and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR).

Find Meth Addiction Treatment in Tampa Bay

Meth addiction proves challenging to anyone who deals with it. Are you someone who wants to become sober but doesn’t know where to turn for expert help? Tampa Bay Recovery Center employs an experienced staff of addiction experts ready to help you. Our meth addiction treatment in Tampa includes several types of addiction therapies designed to help you understand how to stop abusing drugs. Our outpatient programs work around your schedule by allowing you to attend sessions during the day while still taking care of your personal life. 

For more information about getting off meth, visit our admissions page now. It’s easy to get started putting your life back on track with our help.

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