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Begin Anxiety Treatment in Tampa Bay Today

Tampa Bay Recovery Center is here to help people manage their anxiety disorder. As an in-network facility, we’re committed to helping you find the program that supports your needs.

Begin Anxiety Treatment in Tampa Bay Today

Tampa Bay Recovery Center is here to help people manage their anxiety disorder. As an in-network facility, we’re committed to helping you find the program that supports your needs.

Medically Reviewed

Medically reviewed by Jennifer Strong, LMHC

Written by Tampa Bay Recovery staff
Updated on April 16, 2024

Medically Reviewed

Medically reviewed by Jennifer Strong, LMHC

Written by Tampa Bay Recovery staff
Updated on April 16, 2024


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Mental Health Treatment in Tampa Bay

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Anxiety impacts the lives of many people across the country. In fact, 40 million adults aged 18 and over deal with anxiety every year. That’s almost one out of five people. Despite how treatable anxiety is, only about one in three people who have it seek the help they deserve. Tampa Bay Recovery offers anxiety treatment in St. Petersburg that helps people figure out what causes their anxiety and how to reduce their symptoms.

With our mental health treatment programs, anxiety stops being the center of someone’s world, and they can relax and start living again.

What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a feeling that is common throughout everyday life. Everyone experiences anxiety and may call it other words, such as unease, worry, fear, nervousness, and dread. It is normal to feel some degree of anxiety in response to specific events and stress. For example, worrying about a loved one who is sick is normal, as is feeling nervous about a job interview.

However, for some people, anxiety can be debilitating. They might feel so overwhelmed by everyday situations that they freeze or panic. When feelings of anxiety get in the way of important areas of a person’s life, they likely have an anxiety disorder.

Common symptoms of anxiety include:

  • Restlessness and difficulty sleeping
  • Muscle tension and headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Overwhelming fear
  • Avoidance
  • Irrational dread
  • Panic attacks

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), anxiety disorders are the most common type of mental health disorder. In fact, 301 million people in the world had an anxiety disorder in 2019. However, only one in four people with an anxiety disorder gets treatment.

Everyone’s experience with anxiety will vary. But if a person’s life is significantly and negatively impacted by anxiety, our anxiety treatment in St. Petersburg can help.

infographic: Cause of anxiety and worldwide prevalence

Do I Need Treatment for Anxiety?

Some anxiety is a normal part of everyday life. In fact, anxiety can be a natural response to stress. However, when anxiety keeps a person from living a healthy and fulfilling life, they need treatment for an anxiety disorder.

The signs and symptoms of anxiety disorder include:

  • Consistently feeling nervous
  • Panic attacks
  • Constant worry about current and future issues and activities
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Trouble thinking or focusing
  • Avoiding situations or places that tend to trigger anxiety
  • Moodiness
  • Isolating from others
  • Feeling tired
  • Unexplained physical symptoms, such as headaches, body aches, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea
  • Abusing alcohol or drugs to cope with feelings of anxiety

Most people respond to overwhelming anxiety symptoms with avoidance behaviors. These are maladaptive coping mechanisms that reduce anxiety by avoiding triggering situations. However, for people with an anxiety disorder, this reduces their quality of life significantly. 

Substance abuse is also a form of avoidance. The person is trying to self-medicate and numb their symptoms to overcome anxiety. But this leads to more issues, as they develop a co-occurring substance use disorder in addition to their anxiety disorder.

Some people avoid making friends or dating due to social anxiety. Others cannot leave their homes due to agoraphobia—a specific type of anxiety where a person is afraid to leave their homes. Over time, avoidance leads to a decline in a person’s social, mental, physical, and emotional wellness.

There are also different types of anxiety disorders. Knowing which type a person has can help them find treatment programs specified for their symptoms.


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Types of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorder is a broad term that defines a set of disorders with similar and overlapping symptoms. Overall, each type of anxiety disorder is characterized by overwhelming feelings of anxiety that limit a person’s potential and negatively impact their quality of life.

At our anxiety treatment center in St. Petersburg, we treat all types of anxiety disorders, such as:

GAD refers to anxiety symptoms that occur without a specific reason. People with GAD feel overwhelmed with worry about nearly every aspect of their lives. As a result, anxiety symptoms occur nearly every day.

Many people with GAD can’t remember a time when they felt worry-free. They often expect the worst and run through every possible worst-case scenario. People with GAD could struggle to make decisions and are unable to feel relaxed.

Social anxiety refers to anxiety triggered by social situations or the anticipation of them. Though some people are shy or introverted and might not prefer crowds or social events, a person with social anxiety fears being judged, humiliated, embarrassed, or criticized by others.

Oftentimes, they avoid any social function or situation where they could be around people. This could lead to missed opportunities in careers or problems building relationships. In some cases, the person might avoid medical treatment due to social anxiety, which can adversely affect their well-being.

Panic disorders are characterized by panic attacks that are triggered in certain situations. When a person has a panic disorder, they will go to great lengths to avoid anything that could trigger an attack.

Panic attacks cause significant distress and physical symptoms such as:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Profuse sweating
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness and/or nausea
  • Chest pain
  • Trembling and shakiness

OCD is a type of anxiety disorder characterized by obsessions and compulsions:

  • Obsessions: Unwanted and repetitive thoughts or urges that cause significant distress
  • Compulsions: Excessive, repetitive, and irrational behaviors meant to reduce anxiety caused by obsessions

A person with OCD spends a lot of time and energy trying to manage their unwanted thoughts and engaging in compulsive behaviors. This can lead to feelings of shame, low self-esteem, and depression.

Specific phobias refer to thoughts, events, people, places, things, or situations that cause anxiety symptoms in a person. Most people with specific phobias only have anxiety when thinking about or encountering their triggers.

Common phobias include:

  • Agoraphobia: fear of crowds or open spaces
  • Acrophobia: fear of heights
  • Aerophobia: fear of flying
  • Arachnophobia: fear of spiders
  • Ophidiophobia: fear of snakes
  • Trypanophobia: fear of needles and injections

While many people may fear things like these, a person with an anxiety disorder could have panic attacks or other intense physical reactions—and they could have these symptoms even when they have no rational reason for their fear.

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Tampa Bay Recovery Center is a premier leader in the provision of mental health and addiction treatment services. If you or someone you love needs professional care to address a mental health or substance use disorder, reach out to us right now at (813) 733-8774 to speak with an admissions specialist who can get you started on the road to recovery.

Types of Anxiety Therapy in St. Petersburg

Quality anxiety treatment consists of a well-rounded combination of both traditional talk therapies and modern approaches. At the heart of treatment for anxiety lies individual therapy, which allows a person to open up in private with their therapist. They build a bond that helps them speak openly about their emotions, experiences, and feelings of anxiety.

From there, a plan is created to overcome their anxiety disorder. These plans can also be combined with psychiatric medications that can ease anxiety symptoms.

Other types of therapy used to treat anxiety include:

Sometimes, group therapy and experiential activities can help a person’s anxiety significantly. During group sessions, a person can share their experiences and role-play managing triggers with their peers. At our outpatient levels of care, clients get a mix of therapies, psychoeducational classes, and therapeutic activities.

Overcome Anxiety with evidence-based, expert care.

What Are the Benefits of Anxiety Treatment?

Attending anxiety treatment in St. Petersburg isn’t just about helping people experience less anxiety. Several benefits can be found when getting professional treatment for anxiety, including the following:

  • An overall improvement in mental health. When anxiety is treated, it can reduce other symptoms such as depression. The individual feels more in balance and at ease.
  • Healthier relationships with family, friends, and romantic partners.
  • Anxiety often causes medical symptoms such as headaches, body aches, and gastrointestinal problems. When treated for anxiety, many people experience better physical health.
  • A set of healthy coping skills that keep someone from succumbing to anxiety in the future.
  • Higher self-esteem and an increase in confidence in who a person is and their ability to achieve their goals.

Begin Anxiety Treatment in St. Petersburg Today

Have you dealt with anxiety for a long time and want to find a way to heal from it? You don’t have to let anxiety overwhelm you and keep you from enjoying your life and accomplishing your goals.

Tampa Bay Recovery provides structured anxiety treatment in St. Petersburg that teaches people to minimize and overcome their anxious feelings. We offer multiple types of therapy that help people overcome their anxiety disorders.

Contact us to get help for your anxiety disorder today.

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