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Medically Reviewed

Medically reviewed by Jennifer Strong, LMHC

Written by Tampa Bay Recovery staff
Updated on August 13, 2023

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If you or a loved one have tried rehab multiple times but have unsuccessfully stayed sober, long-term rehab in Florida may be the best option. One study found that 71% women who spent three to six months or more in treatment stayed abstinent. Moreover, over 30% of people who attempt to get sober will relapse within the first year of doing so.

At Tampa Bay Recovery Center, our long-term drug rehab program in Florida has been designed to provide transformative and lasting healing for those struggling with substance use disorder, mental health disorders, and dual diagnosis disorders. Our distinct long-term programs are designed with each client’s complex issues at the forefront of their treatment, keeping their individualized needs a priority.

How Our Florida Long-Term Addiction Treatment Programs Work

Our program is a well-structured, multi-tiered approach to addiction recovery, divided into three main stages. Each stage is customized to cater to the evolving needs of our clients as they advance on their journey to recovery.

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What is The Difference Between Long-Term Rehab and Short-Term Rehab?

Short-term rehab programs typically last from 28 to 30 days, focusing primarily on detoxification and initial counseling. On the other hand, long-term rehab, like our 90-day program, offers a more in-depth, comprehensive approach and helps clients process underlying trauma, PTSD, and underlying conditions fostering personal growth and enhancing coping skills. In addition, our dedicated team works with each client on a treatment plan and strategy to help them prepare for life post treatment.

Our Philosophy

The foundation of our program is based on the belief that addiction recovery is not solely about abstaining from substances but also about understanding and effectively managing life stressors and emotional challenges. We aim to equip our clients with the necessary tools to deal with stress, trauma, and anxiety, which are often at the heart of substance use disorders. Our outpatient format allows clients to reside in their homes, thereby experiencing real-life challenges while having immediate access to our supportive services.

We perceive addiction recovery as a journey to reclaim one’s life. We aim to do more than just help our clients navigate through a substance-free day. Our mission is to empower individuals to address the stress, trauma, and anxiety that fuel their addiction. By providing a structured outpatient treatment, we offer a structured “real-world setting” which provides an advantage of immediate support and resources during the daily trials and tribulations of life on a long-term basis.

Benefits of Long-Term Addiction Treatment in Florida

Long-term rehab programs provides several unique advantages, aiding in sustainable recovery and empowering individuals to lead fulfilling, substance-free lives. Below are the key benefits of undergoing long-term addiction treatment:

Comprehensive Healing

Long-term treatment allows enough time to thoroughly address not only the physical aspects of addiction but also the emotional and psychological dimensions.

Deep Understanding

Extended engagement in therapy helps individuals gain deep insights into their addiction triggers and the underlying causes of substance use.

Skill Development

Long-term rehab provides the opportunity to learn and practice new coping mechanisms and life skills over an extended period, thereby improving resilience and self-efficacy.

Gradual Reintegration

Long-term treatment allows for a slower, more controlled reintegration into everyday life, which can make the transition less overwhelming and more manageable.

Ongoing Support

Extended treatment means prolonged access to professional support and resources, which can be invaluable during the recovery journey.

Building Healthy Relationships

Long-term programs often include family therapy sessions, helping to heal relationships strained by addiction and establish strong support networks.

Improved Health and Wellness

Extended programs have the time to incorporate nutrition, exercise, and wellness education, leading to improved physical health and contributing to overall recovery.

Preventing Relapse

By providing more time to embed new habits and coping strategies, long-term rehab can significantly reduce the risk of relapse.

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Trauma-Informed Modalities

Our long-term rehab program in Florida employs a range of treatment modalities that are grounded in trauma-informed care. These therapies acknowledge the prevalence and impact of trauma, and they respect each individual’s unique path towards healing. Here are the key treatment modalities we utilize:

Is Long-Term Rehab in Florida Right for Me?

Whether long-term rehab is the right choice for you largely depends on your individual needs, circumstances, and the severity of your addiction. Here are a few factors to consider:

  • Severity of Addiction: Long-term rehab is often recommended for severe or long-standing addictions, particularly where previous attempts at recovery have been unsuccessful.

  • Co-occurring Disorders: If you have a dual diagnosis, which means you’re dealing with mental health issues alongside substance use, long-term rehab can provide the necessary time to address all aspects of your well-being.

  • Quality of Home Environment: If your home environment is not conducive to recovery – for instance, if there are high levels of stress or access to addictive substances – a long-term program may be beneficial.

  • Previous Treatment Attempts: If short-term rehab programs haven’t been successful for you in the past, it might be beneficial to try a longer, more comprehensive treatment program.

  • Commitment to Recovery: Recovery requires dedication and commitment. If you’re ready to take substantial steps and invest significant time into healing, long-term rehab might be a fitting choice.

    Remember, everyone’s journey to recovery is different, and the best choice is the one that sets you up for long-term success.

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At Tampa Bay Recovery Center, long-term rehab program in Florida stands as your steadfast partner, guiding you towards a healthier, happier, and substance-free life. Your journey to recovery begins with a single step, and there’s no better time than now to make that stride. Get in touch with us today to discuss your treatment options, learn more about our transformative program, and begin your path towards lasting recovery. Your future is waiting, and we’re here to help you reach it.

Our Philosophy

We believe that getting help for substance use disorders is about much more than just trying to get through another day of not drinking or using drugs. Our mission is to help people reclaim their lives by teaching them how to effectively deal with the stress, trauma, and anxiety that contribute to their addictions. 

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