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At our drug and alcohol rehab centers in Tampa, we recognize healing from addiction and mental health disorders requires several factors – including the setting in which the individual begins their recovery journey. Our addiction treatment center is located close to local 12-step meetings, resources, and picturesque beaches.
Designed with your comfort in mind, we offer various levels of care that not only treat drug and alcohol addiction but co-occurring mental health disorders. Because of the complex nature of addiction and mental health disorders, our team has created a safe and structured facility with privacy and comfort so that you can be distraction-free in a safe environment when you need it the most.


Experience Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers in Tampa

In choosing a treatment program, it’s important to take into consideration the amenities, accommodations, and services at a facility. It’s important to find a facility that has services promoting personal development, relapse prevention skills, and other areas of one’s life to promote long-term recovery.
At Tampa Recovery, we’re dedicated to putting you in a supportive environment free from distractions. Our clinical campus is equipped with comfortable furnishings, and luxury amenities, and is always kept clean. Our spacious offices and areas provide our alcohol treatment, drug rehab, and a wide range of services including EMDR Therapy, Red Light Therapy, and more.
By providing a safe environment combined with accountability and structure, we set our clients up for the best chance of success. In addition, not only is Tampa a tranquil place to recover, it’s home to world-class beaches, delicious restaurants, and ideal weather.