Outpatient Detox in Tampa

When someone enters treatment to stop abusing drugs or alcohol, going through a detox program is the first step. Not all detox programs have to take place in a live-in facility. For those who qualify, Tampa Bay Recovery’s outpatient detox in Tampa can be the answer. This allows the person to attend the important beginning stage of treatment during the day but still return to their home after the day’s sessions. Our skilled staff members offer relief for withdrawal symptoms and the support to help each person complete detox and become sober.

What is Outpatient Detox?

When someone begins the process of formal treatment for addiction, the first step is the detoxification process. Detox in Tampa takes about a week, on average, and allows the body to release the toxins built up during addiction. Doing so prepares the person to live without abusing substances and sets the stage for the rest of their treatment.

When a person first arrives for detox, a thorough assessment will be performed. This allows the medical staff to understand the individual’s unique needs and design a program suited to meet them. Factors include the substances being abused, the typical dosage, and how long the addiction has gone on. Other things the treatment team will consider are the person’s physical and mental health and any previous attempts at detox.

Once the person completes the detox process, we will provide a recommendation for the next step in treatment. We offer several levels of follow-up outpatient care that complement what the person accomplishes in detox.

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How Does Detox in Tampa Work?

Traditional detox programs are often in a residential facility. This requires a person to move into the facility for several days. We provide detox in Tampa on an outpatient basis. This allows the person to come to us for treatment during the day and then go back home. This helps the person to achieve a balance between getting the important help they need and still being able to meet the responsibilities of their personal lives.

Our medical team monitors each person regularly for withdrawal symptoms. We can provide medical and psychological support to help ease them. This includes any necessary FDA-approved medications that ease the withdrawal process including medication-assisted treatment. For many people, detox takes about a week. For those with more severe symptoms or withdrawal symptoms, it may last two to three weeks.

Common Withdrawal Symptoms During Detox

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How Do I Know if Outpatient Detox is Right for Me?

While not everyone qualifies for outpatient detox in Tampa, many can enjoy it. One factor that makes outpatient the right choice is if the person is not expected to have severe withdrawal symptoms. These can occur when withdrawing from a severe alcohol, fentanyl, or Xanax addiction. An initial evaluation of a person’s specific situation and treatment needs allows us to decide if outpatient is right for them. If we anticipate they will do well with this type of treatment, we will recommend it.

Benefits of Outpatient Detox in Tampa Bay

If a person is able to get the full benefits of detox while not residing in a facility, they receive many benefits. First, it allows them to continue to meet obligations related to work, school, and their families. Additionally, living at home allows the individual access to the support of family and friends. This can make it easier to navigate the challenges of going through detox.

Outpatient programs are quite similar to residential ones in terms of services provided. Many of the same types of treatment modalities are offered with outpatient care. This includes different types of therapies proven to help people going off drugs and alcohol. Outpatient detox in Tampa also includes options for medications that help stabilize a person experiencing uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Our staff monitors for the symptoms and offers both medical and psychological options for medications. This means helping minimize physical symptoms while also helping ease feelings such as anxiety or depression.

As well, outpatient treatment costs less than residential care. This can be a real benefit for those interested in a lower-cost program with true flexibility.

Benefits of Outpatient Detox in Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Recovery helps people take that all-important first step to become sober. Our detox in Tampa program takes place outpatient, allowing people to still enjoy the comforts of living at home while they seek treatment. We monitor each individual for withdrawal symptoms and provide effective help in minimizing any discomfort they experience. The people we treat get the advantage of physical and emotional support that helps them complete the detox process.  Would you like more information about our outpatient detox treatment program? Visit our admissions page now and see how easy it is to get started.

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